What is Consignment?
Consignment is when you send your items to SWAP to be sold and you receive payment after SWAP has completed the sale.

Do you offer consignment sales?
Absolutely! 90% of our products are offered through consignment. We’re committed to selling your items quickly while bringing the best value within the pre-owned luxury goods market.

What Are the consignment fees?
Usually it is 50%. On very selected items where their price is very high, a different rate can be discussed.

What Brands Do You Accept for Consignment?
We accept handbags, luggage and accessories from all the brands listed in our Brands page such as**: Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Judith Leiber, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Marni, Nancy Gonzales, Prada/Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Chanel, Chloe, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and others.
**Even some items among these brands may not be accepted due to reasons of condition, resale value, or style.

Do items come with original packaging and paperwork?
Items that come with their original boxes, dust bags, authenticity certificates, and manuals will contain the appropriate message in their product descriptions. See what arrives with your order.

Are the images shown on your website of the actual items listed for sale?
Yes, we take detailed images of every product that we sell. We do our best to provide images of areas of wear for a pre-owned item.

Do you offer gift cards?

No, not at this point in time, we do not offer gift cards.
Do I have to pay sales tax?
No, you are only liable to customs tax if you are buying from outside Europe.
Is a signature required upon deliver?
In order to help ensure the safe delivery of your order, the carrier will require a signature upon delivery whether we have shipped it through ELTA the national Greek postal system or FedEx courier.

Do You Accept Returns?
Yes. Items may be returned for a full refund within 14 days of receipt on authenticity issues only. We only accept returns if the buyer has proved via verified authenticators that an item is not authentic. The SWAP Security Tag must be attached and intact to receive a full refund.

Please read the description and view the photos carefully, especially noting the size of the items and any flaws.

For a full refund including shipping both ways – we require written proof from respected authenticators such as caroldiva.com, bababedi.com, etc

How do I return an item?
Follow these steps:
• Send us an email explaining the reason of your return. Once we have agreed, then,
• Package your return. Package the return items securely, preferably using the original shipping box. Be sure to include all original packaging and enclosed materials including invoice, authenticity cards, and dustbags.
• Ship it to us. Ship your item using your preferred shipping carrier to: Swap, Laodikis 34, Glyfada, Athens 16674, Greece

Within 3-4 business days upon receipt of your returned merchandise, you will be issued a refund for the original sales price in the same form as the original payment method. Please note that this credit will not include any original shipping charges.

Do You Accept Shoes?
We accept a limited selection of designer shoes. They must be in brand new condition or like-new condition. The brands we can take are limited to Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and a few more.

Do You Accept Watches and Jewelry?
Yes, we are accept both watches and jewelry at this time. Watches must be serviced and in good working order.

What is Direct Buy?
SWAP offers to buy your bag/item as soon as it arrives at SWAP and the authenticity is certified. Offered only for a limited amount of items from specific designers such as Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

What Bags Does SWAP Buy?
Offers are typically made only on selected Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags. Even among these brands, not all bags will receive offers. Whether or not an offer is made depends on many factors including popularity, budget, season, condition of the bag, etc. Offers will usually not be made for shoes, sunglasses, or jewelry of any brand.

How Long Will it Take for My Item to Sell?
There is no simple answer for this as some items find a buyer within hours of being listed, and others may take much longer. The average bag will sell within 3 weeks to 3 months from the time it is listed for sale.

What if My Bag Does Not Sell?
If items remain unsold for a period over 4 months, we will contact you to discuss either keeping it available for sale at a reduced price or having it returned.

How are Direct Buy Prices Determined?
After appraising the bag’s value in the secondary market, SWAP will typically offer a buyout price that seems appropriate. The buyout price is not based on the original retail price of the bag but on the price we think is reasonable for teh risk undertaken by our shop.

How long does it take to receive the proceeds of my sale to SWAP?
After we have received your items, you will receive payment within 1-3 business days in case we direct buy. Direct Buy payments are made after the bag had been received by SWAP and our authenticator has certified the bag’s authenticity. The authentication may take several days, depending on the brand. It is our goal to send the payment as soon as possible. If you have consigned an item with us, you will receive payment within 15-30 days of the selling date of your item. This ensures that your item has successfully arrived at its new owner and it has been accepted.

Are items sold on SWAP replicas or authentic originals?
We take careful measures to ensure that every item listed for sale is 100% authentic.

How does the Bag earn the Tag?
We’re experts in distinguishing the “wanna-bes” from the “real deal.” Determining the authenticity of an item is a mix of art and science. Items such as stampings, symmetry, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, as well as overall workmanship and materials are inspected and determined to be consistent with the manufacturer’s established standards of quality. If applicable, manufacturer date codes and serial numbers are verified for consistency. Occasionally, we request the opinion of official boutiques in our city or on-line authenticators.

What condition are the items in?
We are selective in the luxury goods we purchase and generally sell only new, like new or gently used items. Gently used items have minimal signs of soiling, abrasions, stains, scratches or tears. Natural tan leather has darkened due to contact with air and human skin although there are no major signs of staining. Occasionally, we may list for sale vintage items that have been well loved and it shows. Many fashionistas agree that many items in this condition look their best and brand these items with pride.

Every item includes a detailed description of its condition and images of any slight flaws or signs of wear. We do not sell items that are damaged beyond regular wear and tear. This includes items with broken hardware, zippers, significant tears or stains.

Do You Guarantee Authenticity?
Yes. All items are guaranteed authentic.

What is The Security Tag?
We place a security tag on each item that we sell. It is not removable without scissors. It will not damage the bag or clothing in anyway, and is easy to remove but it just is not re-attachable. If you wish to return the item, it must have this tag attached.

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, along with PayPal. Please note for PayPal orders, we can only ship to the address associated with the account. Upon request, you may also shop via swift transfer direct to our bank account. Please contact us for payment instructions.

Can I Cancel an Order?
Yes. Should you find it necessary to cancel an order, you may do so prior to shipping. Email us at info@swapshop.gr to cancel.

Is My information Secure?
Yes. At SWAP your privacy and security are important to us. Our secure online checkout system is provided by Vivawallet.

Can I Pay and Pick Up in Person?
Yes, if you live in Athens, Greece or plan to visit Athens, Greece. Please notify via email accordingly.

How long does my item remain in checkout?
Your item should be paid immediately; otherwise another buyer may purchase your desired item and proceed to payment and checkout before you do.

How Do You Determine Pricing?
To price bags, we use recent sales of comparable items. We consider our own record of sales as well as online sales or auctions from other sellers. We also consider the retail value of the bag. Other factors such as condition, rarity, and current trends are considered.

Are Prices Negotiable?
No. Prices are fixed at the amounts indicated on the website. Please check the “Offers” link on the top menu bar to view these discounted items.

Do You Ever Have Sales?
We do not have any regular sale events. We discount select items after they have been available for sale after an extended period of time.

Why Are Some Items Priced Above Retail?
Although most items on SWAP are marked at between 80% and 40% of their original retail price, some items may actually be priced higher than the original retail price. There are 3 possible reasons for an item to be priced above retail:
1) Old Price Tags – Some bags we sell still have the original tag, but often, the bag is several years old and the price tag may reflect the price for that item a number of years ago which will typically be lower than the item’s current retail price.
2) Vintage & Rare – Vintage items or limited edition special order items may exceed comparable current retail prices because of their rarity.
3) Sold-Out – When a particular item sells out completely at it’s company’s boutiques or website, its value might increase beyond its original retail price due to its scarcity.

Will I be Charged Shipping?
Yes. See our shipping chart for details.

What Method of Shipping Should I Use to Send Bags in For Consignment/Buyout?
You may ship items to SWAP using any shipping method you prefer (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, regular country post ). We request that you use signature confirmation with whichever carrier you choose. Please contact us first for further instructions if you are located outside Europe.

When Will My Item Be Shipped?
All items will be shipped within 1 business day from the receipt of payment, unless it’s a Greek national holiday, a Saturday, etc. Delivery times are based on business days (Mon-Fri except Holidays).

What Carrier(s) Does SWAP Use?
Packages are sent via FedEx courier or Greek national postal system (ELTA) See prices below. Al packages will be sent with signature confirmation.

Do You Combine Shipping?
We are glad to help you save money by combining shipping for multiple items, if they have been purchased simultaneously. Just send a quick email to ask us to reduce the shipping fees before sending you the final invoice. We will respond no later than in 4 hours.

Do You Ship To All Countries?
We ship almost everywhere in the world. However, some countries have customs policies that have made shipping luxury branded items very difficult. If you believe you live in such a country, please contact us before ordering.

Who Is Responsible For Customs Fees/Taxes?
The buyer of the item is responsible for any customs duties or taxes that are applied by his/her country.

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